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Safety in the workplace

It all sounds pretty obvious, however it is easy to overlook that electricity can kill. With all electrical installations and appliances you should make sure the electrical installation and maintenance of all your appliances are carried out by fully qualified and reputable electricians.

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10 tips to prevent electrical accidents in your workplace. 

1) Use only equipment that is properly grounded or double-insulated

2) Do not overload outlets;

3) Do not plug multi-outlet bars to other multi-outlet bars;

4) Minimize the use of extension cords.  Do not plug two extension cords together;

5) Do not cover power cords or extension cords with rugs or mats, as this can cause issues with the wires or create potential tripping hazards

6) Do not run electrical cords through pedestrian aisles, as this creates tripping hazards

7) Unplug or disconnect machines before servicing or repairing, and check to make sure the machine is actually disconnnected and turned off prior to service

8) Inspect cords and equipment regularly, and report any defects immediately

9) Cover or guard any exposed electrical components or wires, and make sure employees are aware of any hazards

10) Do not use electrical equipment or appliances near water or wet surfaces


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